What are students telling us?

This page provides examples of what UI is learning from listening to our students:

Preliminary Observation of 2013 SERU Survey Responses

Student Satisfaction and Interaction with Faculty
SERU Brief 2013(1)

Student Perceptions of Their Majors
SERU Brief 2013(2)

How Students Report Using Their Time  
SERU Brief 2013(3)

Additional Examples:  Learning from UI Students

Student Voices Make a Difference
Recent changes at UI in response to input from students

Easing the College Transition
MAP-Works survey complements UI focus on student success

Student Perspectives on the UI Undergraduate Experience
2012 Student Success Team Retreat

Senior Exit Survey Updates​

"I had excellent professors who really cared"
Student Reflections on What Helped Them Learn at UI

"I made a point to find things I'm passionate about"
Engaging in Learning Opportunities Beyond the Classroom

"I always felt challenged and encouraged to do my best"
Faculty and Staff Analysis of Student Survey Responses

National Survey of Student Engagement

Overview of UI Student Responses to NSSE, Fall 2011