The University of Iowa

Bachelor of Applied Studies

UI Campus
The Bachelor of Applied Studies (B.A.S.) is designed for graduates of community colleges who wish to complete a bachelor's degree by distance education. The B.A.S. is a general undergraduate degree without a traditional academic major, but students have the option to include a certificate or an emphasis area in their program or to design an individual program. B.A.S. students may not earn minors.

Working with their academic advisors, B.A.S. students may plan programs designed to advance their careers, begin new careers, or prepare for graduate or professional study. Students who have specific career goals or advanced degree programs in mind should learn what educational background they will need in order to achieve their goals, and they should include appropriate course work in their B.A.S. programs.

Students may earn credit toward the degree through several types of courses, including web-based guided independent study courses, semester-based online courses, extension courses at sites throughout Iowa, and regular session courses.

Individuals interested in applying to the B.A.S. program should hold an A.A.A, an A.A.S., an A.A., or an A.S. degree.

The B.A.S. is awarded by University College and is administered by Distance and Online Education.

For more information, see the General Catalog listing or visit the Distance and Online Education website.