The University of Iowa

Bachelor of Liberal Studies

UI Campus

The Bachelor of Liberal Studies (B.L.S.) is designed for students who have earned college credit at a regionally accredited institution and would like to complete a bachelor's degree by distance education. The degree may be completed completely online or through a combination of on-site and online course work.

The B.L.S. emphasizes workplace and leadership skills.

In addition to completing the Bachelor of Liberal Studies, students may earn undergraduate certificates offered by the University of Iowa. They may not enroll in a second college at the University of Iowa while completing the B.L.S. degree.

All University College policies regarding grading, course drops, withdrawals, academic standards, and so forth apply to B.L.S. students. Consult the University College academic policies manual for more information.

The B.L.S. is awarded by University College and is administered by Distance and Online Education

For more information, see the General Catalog listing or visit the Distance and Online Education website.