The University of Iowa

Nondegree Distance Education

Nondegree Students

The Nondegree Distance program of study in University College is available only to those students who meet all of the following criteria:

  • You wish to enroll only in undergraduate-level courses or workshops that are offered through Distance and Online Education.
  • You are not currently enrolled in a UI degree program
  • You are not seeking admission to the University of Iowa as a degree-seeking student


Yes, I'm interested and I meet all of the criteria

1. Apply as a Nondegree Distance student

First, complete the Nondegree Distance Education Student Application. Your application should be processed by the next business day. You do NOT have to pay an application fee to complete this application.


2. Hawk ID and Password

A Hawk ID is your username for online access to MyUI (The University of Iowa's Student Information System). You can register for courses, view tuition, set up email, change your mailing address, and various other functions through MyUI.

If you do not already have a Hawk ID and password, you will be prompted to set these after you submit your application.

If you have questions about your Hawk ID, please contact the ITS Help Desk


3. Registration Date and Time

Upon receipt of your Hawk ID and password, you may login to MyUI and go to the Registration menu. Here, you will see the date and time assigned to you to register for courses. You will be allowed to register on or after your assigned registration date and time.


4. Register in MyUI

Now that you have your Hawk ID and password and the registration date and time, you may add courses to your schedule using MyUI.

Nondegree students are only eligible to register for offerings through the Division of Continuing Education, according to the course type you selected on your application.

Find your courses more quickly by narrowing your search on MyUI, using check boxes for Continuing Education course types.

If you can't recall through which program you are authorized to take courses, view your Admissions Profile in MyUI under the Student Records menu, or contact Student Services in the Division of Continuing Education at or (800) 272-6430.

You must abide by specific course requirements as listed in the course description, prerequisites, and special permission coding and can only register if space is available. Semester-length courses may be added and dropped through the fifth day of the semester (If the course does not have a start date listed, it is a semester-length course). Off cycle-courses list start and end dates and may be added until midnight the day before they begin.


5. Congratulations!

You are now an officially registered student at the University of Iowa! 

If you have questions about this program of study or the courses you may take,
contact Distance and Online Education staff.