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First Gen Hawks FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions


  • How much does it cost?

    • The early arrival on campus, the coaching, the guidance, the seminar course, the connections, the memories–all of this is free.
    • Students who do not participate in the entire program after arriving on campus will be responsible for all early move-in fees and meals.


  • How much time will it take?

    • The First Gen Hawks Experience is designed to help you succeed in your first year on campus. Every minute spent with the program will help you gain useful skills in the classroom and beyond. The amount of time spent may vary depending on the track you choose. However, the average participant will spend 1-hour in the classroom, 1-2 hours preparing for class completing readings or assignments, and 5-10 hours completing the experimental component (service, employment or research).


  • What is a seminar course?

    • Seminar courses often refer to small, discussion based courses of 20 students or less. First Gen Hawks Seminars provide content and learning related to one of the learning tracks that students choose. The University of Iowa offers a large variety of seminar course for students, but the First Gen Hawks seminars are unique and only for First Gen Hawk participants.


  • Can I enroll in multiple seminar courses?

    • First Gen Hawks may only take one First Gen Hawks seminar class. The University of Iowa offers a variety of other seminar style courses, such as First Year Seminars and College Transition Seminar. Students are encourage to take only one seminar courses so that you have room in your schedule to enroll in courses to help you maintain degree progress. If you have more questions about your schedule, you can talk with your academic advisor during Orientation Programs.


  • What if I change my major?

    • Students from any major can be a First Gen Hawk. If you have questions about how this program and the seminar course will impact your schedule, you can talk with your academic advisor during Orientation Programs.


  • How do I choose my track?

    • Choosing your track is easy! Students can join by logging in to their Admissions Profile on MyUI and completing the interest form for First Gen Hawks.


  • Who are the Peer Mentors?

    • First Gen Hawks Peer mentors are here for YOU. Each Peer Mentor was selected based on their unique experience on campus and is ready to share their expertise with you! They are here to answer questions, point out campus, and build relationships with you!


  • How can I become a Peer Mentor?

    • First Gen Hawks Peer Mentors is one of many leadership opportunities available to students at the University of Iowa. In the spring, we will recruit the 2021-2022 Peer Mentor Team. Keep your eye out for the application information!


  • Can I participate in the First Gen Hawks Experience and other First Gen opportunities on campus?

    • Absolutely! The University of Iowa offers a variety of programming and support to First Gen students and we would encourage to participate in any program that fits your needs.
    • You can find more information about First Gen programming here: