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Learning Assistant Program

Learning Assistant Program

The Learning Assistant Program provides additional support to students through the integration of Learning Assistants (peer leaders) to classrooms. Learning Assistants are undergraduate students who, with training and support, help facilitate activities during class sessions to increase active collaboration to improve student learning. The University of Iowa Learning Assistant Program began in Fall 2020 and has expanded to a variety of classes.

There are three main components to the Learning Assistant role including the class sessions they assist, weekly preparation meetings with faculty, and the weekly pedagogy course for on-going facilitation training.

Learning Assistant Program Model

Why be a Learning Assistant?

-Develop skills in effectively facilitating collaborative learning environments.

-Solidify foundational knowledge in course content.

-Earn 3 semester hours of elective credit. *New course code as of Spring 2022- LS:1014

-For applicants who are honors students, serving as a Learning Assistant (LA) is an experience for which you are eligible to earn up to three (3) honors experiential learning credits in addition to the semester-hour course credits you can earn by serving as a Learning Assistant.

  • More information about the Honors experiential learning credit process can be found here: After landing on this page, scroll down to the "Teaching Assistantship/Learning Assistantship" tab.
  • Questions regarding Honors experiential learning credit should be directed to Alyssa Yao at
What our current LAs are saying:
"Being an LA has increased my confidence in sharing the knowledge I have. I can instantly
reconstruct course content to support student understanding."


"The LA role inspired confidence in my public speaking skills and gave me the opportunity
to work on my leadership skills to eventually put on graduate school applications."

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