The University of Iowa

Adding & Dropping Courses

Changes in Registration When MyUI is Open

If a course has not yet begun, students may simply add the course through MyUI.

Also, during the first 5 days of classes for a fall or spring semester, students can add or change sections or semester hours for courses on MyUI.

Changes in Registration When MyUI is Closed

When students wish to add or drop a University College course, or change its registered credit hours, after MyUI course registration has closed, they must process the request through the Registrar's Service Center. See this link for instructions on when it is necessary to complete a drop/add form, how to complete the form, and which signatures are required. 

You can also click here to download a Change of Registration Form and begin collecting your required signatures. 


Students who require a collegiate dean's signature for a University College course should go to 310 Calvin Hall between 8:00 am - 4:30 pm, Monday-Friday. Questions about adding or dropping a University College course can be directed to