Policy and Rationale

(1) Sexual harassment subverts the mission of the University and threatens the careers, educational experience, and well-being of students, faculty, and staff. The University will not tolerate sexual harassment, nor will it tolerate unwelcomed behavior of a sexual nature toward members of the University community when that behavior creates an intimidating or hostile environment for employment, education, on-campus living, or participation in a University activity.

(2) Sexual harassment is especially serious when an instructor harasses a student or a supervisor harasses a subordinate. In such situations, sexual harassment unfairly exploits the power inherent in an instructor's or supervisor's position. However, while sexual harassment often takes place in situations where there is an abuse of a power differential between the persons involved, the University recognizes that sexual harassment is not limited to such situations. Sexual harassment can occur when a student harasses an instructor, when a subordinate harasses a supervisor, or between persons of the same University status.

Chapter 4 of the Operations Manual covers the entire University of Iowa policy on sexual harassment. 

Annual Policy Notifications