Computing Grade Point Averages

Grade point averages (GPA) are computed by a) multiplying the number of semester hours in each course by the appropriate grade points; b) totaling the grade points earned to date; and c) dividing the sum in (b) by the number of hours taken, excluding courses in which grades of S, P, U, or N or marks of I, O, R, or W have been given. Hours of F are included in hours attempted and are used in computing the GPA.  Although grades of A+ have a value of a 4.33 in calculating a grade point average, the cumulative GPA's displayed at the bottom of the permanent record are truncated so as not to exceed 4.00.
Mid-Semester Reports

At mid-semester, instructors have the opportunity to report grades for students whose work is below C-. The Office of the Registrar distributes any reports it receives to advisors and to individual students, but these grades are not recorded on the permanent record.

Since instructors are not required to submit mid-semester reports, students who do not receive a mid-semester report should not assume that their mid-semester grade is above a C-.
Incomplete (I)

A student unable to finish a course may ask an instructor for a mark of I (Incomplete). Course instructors may approve or deny a student's request.

You may be granted a mark of “Incomplete” only if

  • you have finished most of the coursework (exceptions may be made for research, thesis, or independent study courses), and
  • you have a reason acceptable to the instructor for not completing the course, and
  • your standing in the course is satisfactory.

Students cannot graduate with an “I” mark on their record. They must either complete the course for a passing grade, or allow the Incomplete to lapse to an “F.”

To complete an “incomplete” course, first consult with your instructor about the due date for the remaining work and to make sure you understand all the course requirements. The work must be completed and submitted to the instructor before the close of the semester following the one in which the course was taken. When you complete the unfinished portion of the work, your instructor must submit a final grade for you, by following the Registrar’s change-of-grade procedure. This grade change must be submitted on or before grades are due for the subsequent spring or fall semester. Because summer and winter sessions are not technically semesters, a student with an Incomplete from the spring semester is exempt from completing the work during the subsequent summer session; and a student with an Incomplete from the fall is exempt from completing the work during that winter session. If the grade change is not submitted by this deadline, the "I" will automatically convert to an "F" (or "U"), even if you do not enroll afterward. If warranted, the instructor may submit a grade change after the "I" has become an "F" or "U."

A course may not be repeated to remove a grade of Incomplete; the grade must be removed by completing the unfinished portion of the work. If you allow an “I” to lapse to an "F" or "U,” you may repeat the course by using the second-grade-only (SGO) option. Students should consult with their academic advisor or college to which they are admitted for SGO option policies and procedures.