Academic misconduct is a serious issue; the University takes allegations of academic misconduct seriously. All incidents of academic misconduct should be reported to the appropriate Dean. If you are teaching a course offered by University College, the following procedures apply. The term DEO refers to either the Departmental Executive Officer or the program director:

  • The instructor (or supervisor if the instructor is a teaching assistant) will inform the suspected student of the concern in an email at the account, requesting that the student meet to discuss the situation. When reporting an incident of academic misconduct committed by more than one student, please be sensitive to the issue of student-privacy and confidentiality. Do not mention the names of the other involved students in the email. Please send an individualized email to each student.
  • In considering the appropriate consequence for academic misconduct, the instructor should take into consideration the scope of the misconduct, the student’s perceived intent, the nature of the course, the assignment, and the academic discipline.
  • The instructor will inform the DEO and the student in writing of the details of the academic misconduct and the action taken. Documentation to support the claim must be included in the copy of the report to the DEO. 
  • The DEO must forward all adequately supported reports of academic misconduct to University College through the Associate Dean of University College.
  • Each undergraduate college carefully tracks offenses on a shared data base, and these reports are shared across colleges. If a student is already a member of a UI college outside of University College, the associate dean of that UI college will be notified of the student's misconduct and this might affect a student's admission to that UI college. The student should contact the college in question for more information. The report is kept internally until the student graduates or for a maximum of five years.

Student Appeals

Every student has the right to appeal. A student is invited to meet with the College at any point in the process below.

  • If a student believes that the finding of academic misconduct is in error, the student should first arrange a meeting with the instructor (or the supervisor) and then the head of the department or program to discuss the matter.
  • If not satisfied with the outcome of the above meeting, the student may appeal the decision formally in writing to the University College Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education. This formal appeal must be received within fourteen business days from the date of the original decision made by College.
  • If the student is not satisfied with these results, he or she may request in writing a review of the situation by the Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education.

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